Accredited Forensic Genetics Laboratories, DNAlogy: the European Institute for Genetics and DNA Identification

« At DNAlogy, our ambition is to offer an internationally-recognised institute of Genetics, at the service of Medicine and Justice. Proud to be members of an experienced and innovative European scientific team, we place all our skills at your service, with a strong sense of responsibility.»

Dr Georgios Fitsialos,
PhD in Genetics, Molecular Biologist, Expert for the Greek Court Authorities and at the International Criminal Court in matters of Biological Material Profiling and DNA Analysis

DNAlogy, the European Institute for Genetics and DNA Identification, was established in 2009 in Athens by the most important European scientific team in DNA analysis and profiling, the team of the French of laboratories IGNA (Institut Génétique Nantes Atlantique), the first one to perform DNA profiling in France, which remains until this day a pioneer in the provision of forensic services throughout the world.

The founders, Jean Paul Moisan, Professor of Genetics at the French University of Nantes, and Dr Georgios Fitsialos, with a PhD in Genetics from the French University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, transferred technology and know-how from their laboratories in France in order to meet the needs in the area of DNA analyses and contribute to the harmonisation of Greek practice with European and international standards.

Today, DNAlogy is a reference laboratory in Greece in the field of DNA profiling services, biological evidence detection and establishment of biological relationship, holding many national and international accreditations and certifications, while providing its services to laboratories and organisations of many countries in the context of DNA analysis expert reports. At the same time it provides services of Medical Genetics, animal genetic analyses (equine etc), as well as counselling and educational services.

The laboratories of DNAlogy are staffed by specialised scientists, Doctors – Molecular Biologists – Geneticists, as well as Court Experts in matters of DNA analysis/profiling and toxicology, registered in the lists of Greek and International Court Authorities, members of International Associations of Forensic & Medical Genetics.